What I Do

I build ethical leaders.

Through one-on-one coaching I serve as a trusted sounding board and provide outside perspective to help leaders and their teams succeed when change is the status quo and the speed, ubiquity, and mobility of communications technology drives the pace of operations.

Leadership chooses you, even if you don’t hold a formal leadership position — and often when you are stressed out, exhausted, and feel least prepared to take on the responsibility.

Whether you are a new or experienced leader, want to be hired or promoted into a leadership position, or lead your colleagues informally peer-to-peer, I will help you define your values, refine your style, and overcome common leadership challenges, including:

  • Overcoming bias and embracing diversity
  • Defining and communicating clear goals and priorities
  • Making ethical decisions
  • Managing conflicting priorities
  • Time management, information overload, and work-life integration
  • Delegating tasks and supervising team members
  • Providing constructive critical feedback
  • Resolving conflicts and mitigating toxic leadership
  • Strategic and crisis response planning, execution, and assessment of outcomes
  • Speechwriting and public speaking
  • Conducting media interviews
  • Real time social-media engagement

All of my coaching is built around a research grounded Communication-Based Leadership framework that puts communication at the center of your leadership activity.

I developed CBL while serving as a public affars instructor at the U.S. Defense Information School, applied and improved it in the field at home and during combat deployments, and continue to refine it through my own academic work.

I have used CBL to help leaders succeed in places ranging from battlefields to board rooms. It is a proven foundation on which any leader can build and strengthen their own leadership style. That success begins by embracing these enduring truths:

  • Everthing is a communication activity
  • Your communication capacity is finite
  • Leadership is about relationships
  • Enduring leadership success requires trust
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