The words and deeds of leaders — whether through staff interaction, official policy, or high-level decision-making — inform organizational culture and set the tone for team performance and how team members represent the organization to others. We take a close look at how team members demonstrate organizational goals and values and identify “say-do gaps” that may hinder a team’s success.

Developing a team means developing its leaders, so our team development work goes hand-in-hand with leader development. North of Center’s team development process starts with an assessment of workplace culture and climate. Then we prepare a detailed team development plan with clear goals and strategies to achieve them based on our research-driven Communication-Based Leadership (CBL) framework.

“As I complete my role on the VOLT Executive Committee and focus towards the SVP-Elect for Student and Early Career Development, I know that I personally can take what I learned from Kyle’s lessons and both practice and share them so that our groups can successfully work together and complete their goals.”

Callie Tourigny, Senior Vice-President – Elect
Student & Early Career Development at ASME
(The American Society of Mechanical Engineers)

Our team development coaching and consultation services will help you:

• Assess organizational culture and climate
• Align organizational values with actions
• Identify team member strengths and challenges
• Improve communication among team members and between teams
• Spin-off to individual team member development

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