Leaders don’t need to be good at everything, but they do need vision, integrity, and the ability to lift others up and rally them to a common cause. Today’s Read to Lead recommendation is On Becoming a Leader, by Warren Bennis, who highlights the enduring Communication-Based Leadership truth that enduring leadership success requires trust.

“In order to lead a Great Group, a leader need not possess all the individual skills of the group members. What he or she must have are vision, the ability to rally others, and integrity. Such leaders also need superb curatorial and coaching skills – an eye for talent, the ability to recognize correct choices, contagious optimism, a gift for bringing out the best in others, the ability to facilitate communication and mediate conflict, a sense of fairness, and, as always, the kind of authenticity and integrity that creates trust.” – Warren Bennis, On Becoming a Leader

Trust requires credibility. Crediblity requires a leader’s words and deeds be consistent and aligned.

Achieving this words-deeds alignment is central to the CBL framework NoC uses to strengthen experienced and novice leaders alike.

Our mission is to propel you to success and we assume you are an expert in your field of business. Our expertise is in leadership — and we know how to compound it with your expertise in any field to make you even better at what you do.

If you would like some reading recommendations to help you through the ledership challenges you are facing, feel free to give us a call, zap us an email, or post a comment below. We’ll also be happy to hear your recommendations of books that have proven valuable to you as a developing leader.

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Cliff W. Gilmore Administrator
Founder and CEO , North of Center LLC

Cliff holds a PhD in organization and management with a specialization in leadership. A U.S. Marine Corps veteran, he completed operational deployments to Fallujah, Iraq and Kandahar and Helmand, Afghanistan. He has led multi-national and inter-agency teams including approximately one year on loan from the Corps as Director of Policy, Planning, and Outreach for the U.S. State Department’s Bureau of International Information Programs. He also directly advised the Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff on public and media engagement regarding national security matters for two years as Special Assistant for Public Communication. Today he puts that experience to work helping people become the kind of leaders they would want to follow.

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