Whether launching a new product or service, sustaining an established business or non-profit, or managing a potential or emerging crisis, a leader must preserve the credibility of and the public’s trust in their organization.

North of Center’s team includes award-winning members with extensive experience building, preserving, and strengthening relationships with the public (including media representatives), throughout good days and bad.

I worked with Cliff [ W. Gilmore, NoC CEO] during my tour as Chief of Staff for Regional Command (Southwest) in Helmand, Afghanistan. His recommendations were instrumental in guiding senior leaders’ interaction with government officials and the public. He possesses a wealth of information and practical experience building relationships with the media and managing complex issues in a methodical and principled way.

— Col. Barry J. Fitzpatrick, USMC (Ret.)

As with our leader and team development services, a research driven Communication-Based Leadership framework is the foundation of North of Center’s public engagement planning and execution services.

Communication-Based Leadership was developed in the field and has been used to guide senior leader decision-making and public interaction on issues ranging from national security to small-town community relations, foreign policy to criminal misconduct of employees, new product and program launches to aviation and environmental mishaps.

Our public engagement coaching and consultation services include:

  • Strategic and crisis engagement
  • Anticipation and identification of key issues
  • Identification, evaluation, and prioritization of key publics
  • Developing engagement strategies to achieve clear outcomes for each key public
  • Selecting and developing appropriate engagement tactics
  • Engaging key publics in real time via traditional and social media platforms
  • Media interview skills training and preparation
  • Public speaking training and speech writing
  • Media content analysis
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