North of Center will help you harness the combined communication capacity of your team members, break down internal barriers, improve efficiency, and strengthen trust within your organization.

A leader’s most important relationships are within their organization. Whether on the clock or in their free time, your team members represent you and determine both the reputation and success of your business or non-profit.

“As I complete my role on the VOLT Executive Committee and focus towards the SVP-Elect for Student and Early Career Development, I know that I personally can take what I learned from [North of Center’s] lessons and both practice and share them so that our groups can successfully work together and complete their goals.”

Callie Tourigny, Senior Vice-President – Elect
Student & Early Career Development at ASME
(The American Society of Mechanical Engineers)

North of Center’s research grounded, field-tested Communication-Based Leadership (CBL) framework guides all our organizational communication, public engagement, and leader development work.

Both a process and a philosophy, CBL’s foundation is set by four cornerstone truths:

  • It is impossible to lead without communicating
  • A leader’s communication capacity is finite
  • Leadership is about relationships
  • Enduring leadership success requires trust

As a process, CBL provides a path to credible, ethical, trusted organizational communication; as a philosophy it will guide you along that path.

North of Center will unleash innovation and creativity throughout your team by helping you:

  • Align your business practices with your organizational values
  • Improve communication within and between your teams
  • Empower team members to represent your organization at any time
  • Foster trust through open dialogue and candid feedback among team members
  • Strengthen integration of cross-functional and distributed teams

Our Rates

Whether choosing an Internet provider or a consultant, one of the most frustrating things we encounter is trying to figure out what a product or service will cost. One principle of our own Communication-Based Leadership framework is transparency. With those things in mind, we believe you should get a sense right up front what it might cost to hire NoC.

We can tailor contractual relationships to meet your organizational communication needs in three general ways.

Hourly Services

Call NoC and put our team to work when you need us. The hourly rate for NoC Core Team members is $350/hr. This allows you to request work on demand and pay as you go, but is our highest rate quite simply because piecemeal work is highly disruptive and requires us to re-align our capacity and support to other clients on the fly.

Needless to say, hourly work is a short-term solution. We encourage clients to find an alternate path as quickly as possible and work with them to do so. Other options we can provide include individual projects or services on retainer.

Individual Projects

Free up your own team’s time and capacity by focusing NoC’s experience and expertise on a narrow scope of work to deliver a specific product or service. Examples might include mapping communication pathways or refining the flow and content of meetings to eliminate redundancy, reduce information overload, and improve efficiency.

Our project fees are set based on the scope of work and invoiced in three stages: 30% up front; 50% at project midpoint; 20% upon completion to the client’s satisfaction. A project we estimate will take 40 hours would generally cost approximately $10,000 plus travel, lodging, and other expenses. This price can fluctuate based on any specialized skills or equipment needed to build the right task-organized team to meet your needs, but once the rate is set, we deliver — no matter how long it takes.

Retainer for Services

Increase the capacity and capabilities of your organization by integrating NoC into your team with a wide scope of work that covers a range of tasks. This can include individual projects and allows you the greatest flexibility to set and shift NoC’s prioirities based on emerging real-time needs.

Having NoC on retainer adds our full range of experience, expertise, and capabilities to your toolbox.

For example, you might task NoC with maintaining meeting agendas and tracking the purpose, participants, inputs and outputs of meetings to ensure alignment with your organizational priorities and improve decision-making, and we would prioritize each as you direct during any given period.

Our retainer fees are set based on the scope of work and invoiced monthly for a fixed amount. A scope of work we estimate would require 40 hours of support per month would generally cost approximately $6000/mo. and include NoC participation in staff meetings/calls and regular in-person visits. This price can fluctuate based on travel, lodging, and other expenses, but once the rate is set, we provide the support you need — even during times when your demand may spike.

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