The North of Center (NoC) team has decades of experience leading teams and advising senior leaders from the battle field to the boardroom. We put our knowledge to work for individual leaders—whether experienced or aspiring—to develop strategies that overcome challenges and help them achieve their personal and team goals.

Effective communication is essential to any leader’s success, and we understand the role of speed, ubiquity, and mobility in the rapidly evolving communication environment. Using proven Communication-Based Leadership (CBL) techniques, we provide inspirational facilitation and teach critical planning and engagement skills to propel leaders to success in keeping with their values.

We help leaders preserve and strengthen the credibility of their employees, processes, products, and services. This in turn builds enduring trust among team members and customers alike. With our diverse team on your side to help seize and hold the high ground, complex change becomes manageable — and success becomes inevitable!



Words and deeds matter! Leaders drive the momentum of their teams by setting an example to emulate, not cheering from the sidelines.

Organizations need leaders with a clear sense of purpose and strategic direction. Aligning words and deeds makes that possible. Communication-Based Leadership helps build the credibility and trust to guide a team to success. The NoC team provides tailored one-on-one assessments to help leaders create and execute personal leader development plans with defined goals and clear strategies to achieve them.

Our individual leader-development coaching and consultation helps you:

• Identify and prioritize values
• Assess strengths, challenges, and capacity
• Understand and apply communication traits in any leadership environment
• Identify and overcome your challenges

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