Our goal at North of Center is to build leaders we would be proud to follow and strengthen organizations we would trust to hire our own kids.

“Cliff has an uncanny ability to identify a dozen ways nearly any situation can go, then help you develop a plan to succeed. His coaching brought out the best in me without telling me how or what to do. If you need to communicate, no matter the situation, you need North of Center.”

Ned Johnson, Communications Manager, IAM National Benefits Office

Whether you are new or experienced leader, aspire to be hired or promoted into a leadership position, or lead your colleagues informally as a team member, a NoC coach can help you refine your leadership philosophy and style to get the most out of you and your team.

We Are Each Leaders in Our Own Way

Leadership chooses you, even if you don’t hold a formal leadership position — and often when you feel least prepared to take on the responsibility. Reasons a leader coach may benefit you even if you don’t hold a formal leadership position might include:

  • You want to be more effective working with your own leaders and peers;
  • You work remotely — perhaps for the first time;
  • Toxic leadersip is pervasive in your environment;
  • Managing rapid change and uncertainty are a constant challenge.

Why Choose North of Center?

We have helped leaders overcome challenges to succeed in places ranging from battlefields to boardrooms.

Our Coaches

  • We are seasoned professionals who draw on decades of experience in the public, private, and non-profit sectors.
  • We have been leaders in cross-functional and multi-national executive leadership teams for organizations ranging in size from a few members to thousands.
  • We have coached and advised leaders ranging from first timers to C-Suite executives in fields including military, tech, finance, marketing, sales, and more.

Our Clients

  • Apple
  • Lexalytics
  • Fisher Investments
  • U.S. Department of Defense
  • Xerox
  • Honeywell
  • ShareThis
  • Stripe
  • GE

Our Method

All our leader development work, whether with individuals or teams, is built on our research-grounded, field-tested Communication-Based Leadership (CBL) framework that puts communication at the center of all leadershp activities. CBL is a foundation on which any leader can build and strengthen their personal leadership philosphy and style so they can achieve their goals in a world that operates at the speed of Send.

Our Rates

We have clicked the “Price” tab on coaching websites that never get to a price and too often we are asked to provide all sorts of personal information and submit a request for a quote.

That bugs the heck out of us and runs contrary to NoC’s values and the principles of CBL.

If you have the courage to ask for help, finding out what it will cost shouldn’t be frustrating, let alone deceptive.

Our priority is helping leaders succeed, not landing big fish.

We refuse to ask what you can afford before telling you what we will charge.

Our rates are set with confidence they are competitive, but you determine the value of our professionalism and experience.


  • $1,500 for the first 12 weeks (recommended); $125/week after the initial 12
  • $150/week per week to test the waters. If you decide NoC is the right fit for you and choose the 12 week approach, all fees will be retroactively applied to the 12 week rate.

Team Leadership Development Program

Our 90-Day Leadership-Team Development program includes three on-location seminars/workshops and six remote one-on-one coaching sessions per participant for groups of 10 or more.

We set a Communication-Based Leadership foundation through education and practical application in a team setting, then provide tailored one-on-one coaching to help leaders establish persistent habits and overcome their leadership challenges.

To earn a NoC Certificate of Completion for this program, participants will:

  • Demonstrate their understanding of CBL’s timeless truths, core characteristics, guiding principles, and essential questions
  • Articulate their personal leadership philosophy and put it into action
  • Demonstrate mastery of the tools and techniques necessary to lead their teams to success

Price: $15,000 base rate plus $1,500 per participant

What Coaching Looks Like

Experience has shown us that getting the most out of a coaching relationship and achieving measurable growth takes at least 12 weeks of persistent engagement.

Coaching sessions are generally conducted remotely via video conference, though in-person coaching is available depending on your location.

Additionally, your coach will be available on-demand with a maximum response time of one business day.

Your NoC coach will serve as a confidential sounding board and provide candid guidance to help you overcome common leadership challenges, including:

  • Creating diverse, equitable, inclusive work environments
  • Managing complex and conflicting priorities
  • Communicating clear goals and objectives to your team
  • Delegating tasks and supervising performance
  • Conflict resolution that builds trust in and within your team
  • Coordinating cross-functional and distributed teams
  • Leading after being  promoted from within your peer group


Let’s Talk!

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