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Who We Are


North of Center is a collaborative team of professionals from a wide range of backgrounds who share a steadfast belief that leadership is service and service is what makes life worth living. Our team members come from the public, private, military, non-profit, small-business, and commercial sectors. We have managed national and international issues, advised senior executives, and planned and executed successful strategic plans for multinational and interagency teams — often in austere environments under high-pressure conditions that allowed little room for error when dealing with numerous complex tasks simultaneously to meet unforgiving deadlines. Our diverse and extensive leadership experience provides our clients with cross-industry perspective useful in overcoming nearly any challenge.


We are coaches and consultants with extensive experience developing leaders, building teams, and crafting effective public engagement strategies across the spectrum from traditional media relations to real-time social media interaction to create credibility and trust that endures.


What We Do

Communication includes words and deeds. Everything one does communicates something to somebody somewhere.

The heart of North of Center’s practice is Communication-Based Leadership, which places credible and trusted communication at the center of every leader’s activity, whether they serve in a formal leadership position or are called to lead by circumstances.

To succeed, leaders must be trusted. To be trusted, they must be credible. To be credible, they must ensure their words and deeds are consistent and aligned.

Whether leading down, up, and within or outwardly from their organizations, we help leaders succeed by teaching them to apply core principles that are validated in leadership and communication research and have proven effective in the field.

We Improve Leaders Through Words-Deeds Alignment

Why We Do It

All of us at North of Center have seen leaders and teams succeed and fail against all odds. We have struggled to find and maintain balance between life and work in a world that all too often drives leaders to choose one over the other and tempts them to sacrifice personal values for short term gain.

We have witnessed the power of credible and trusted leaders who can guide people to success and, perhaps more important, continue to elevate them when faced with seemingly insurmountable challenges.

We ask each of our clients a key question: Are you the kind of leader you would want to follow?

Each member of the North of Center team goes to work each day committed to ensuring the answer is, “Yes!”

 We Lead to Serve to Live to Lead

Our Mission

Propel leaders and their teams to enduring success through Communication-Based Leadership research, coaching, and consultation in leader development, team development, and public engagement.