Lead to succeed in a world that moves at the speed of send.

Lead to succeed in a world that moves at the speed of send.

The dream Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., shared with the world on August 28, 1963, remains but a dream, the path from “All men are created equal” to “All people…” neither clear nor certain. So long as those who protest in silence are shouted down, and those who dare cry out are told to be silent, North of Center will be a learning ally. Though I may stumble more than stride, I will listen, learn, support, and refuse to turn a blind eye. I will strive to remain always waking, never woke.

Cliff W. Gilmore, PhD
Founder, North of Center
LtCol., USMC (Ret.)

My Coaching

What I Do

I build ethical leaders through one-on-one coaching that prepares people to get the most out of a unified team when change is the status quo and the world moves at the speed of send.

How I Do It

I use a research grounded, field tested, Communication-Based Leadership framework as a foundation on which you can build and strengthen your personal leadership style.

Who I Am

I am a retired U.S. Marine Corps officer, hold a PhD in organization and management with a leadership specialization, and have more than 25 years of experience leading teams and advising leaders.

Our Time

Schedule a FREE 30-minute one-on-one Call Zero with me to discuss some of the challenges you face as a leader and come up with strategies and tools you can use immediately to overcome them. We’ll invest the time together to help you be the kind of leader we would want to follow.

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