Our world is driven by the speed, ubiquity, and mobility of communications technology — it’s fast, it’s everywhere, and it’s on the move!

North of Center’s team includes award-winning members with extensive experience navigating the rapidly evolving communication environment to build, preserve, and strengthen relationships with key publics (including media representatives), throughout good days and bad.

I worked with Cliff [ W. Gilmore, NoC CEO] during my tour as Chief of Staff for Regional Command (Southwest) in Helmand, Afghanistan. His recommendations were instrumental in guiding senior leaders’ interaction with government officials and the public. He possesses a wealth of information and practical experience building relationships with the media and managing complex issues in a methodical and principled way.

— Col. Barry J. Fitzpatrick, USMC (Ret.)

North of Center’s research grounded, field-tested Communication-Based Leadership (CBL) framework guides all our leader development, organizational communication, and public engagement work.

Both a process and a philosophy, CBL’s foundation is set by four cornerstone truths:

  • It is impossible to lead without communicating
  • A leader’s communication capacity is finite
  • Leadership is about relationships
  • Enduring leadership success requires trust

As a process, CBL provides a path to your success as a credible, ethical, trusted public engagement; as a philosophy it will guide you along that path.

North of Center can build, support, or be your public communication team to help you achieve measurable public engagement goals through:

  • Integrated strategic and crisis communication planning  to support and sustain operations
  • Community outreach to establish, preserve, and strengthen the trust of key publics
  • Real time traditional and social media engagement
  • Speechwriting and training for keynote presentations

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